Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Words of Wisdom from Tomorrow’s Leaders

Gabriel, a 9-year-old purple belt, became Tao of Texas Martial Arts’s newest Junior Leader today. As part of meeting all the requirements for this coveted position, he carefully and thoughtfully wrote the following essay on what makes a good leader:

“A leader shows a good example to other people. A leader helps people to achieve goals. A leader incourages people to do the right thing.

“A leader corrects you when you’re doing something wrong. A leader motivates you when you are discouraged. A leader shouldn’t discourage you. A leader should be very calm and polite. A leader corrects people very nicely.

“A leader tells people what to do very clearly. A leader does not critisize people. A leader does not lie to people. A leader does not cheat nor does he tell his students to cheat either.”

One word: WOW.

Gabriel's essay made me think of the many masters I've worked with over the years who sadly did not live up to the last two lines. It also made me wish the concepts he mentioned in his essay were standard operating procedures for Austin and Washington lawmakers.

This young man has a good head on his shoulders, a good heart in his body, and a brave, compassionate soul.

We need more young men like Gabriel walking this earth.

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